Android app setup for ERPNext deployed on google cloud

I have deployed ERPNext on Google Cloud. I am trying to setup ERPNext on Android App. First step is asking me for “SELECT SERVER”. IP Address given by Google Cloud console is I tried to put this address as server but it does not accept it. I have no clue what to do and how to make android app work for me. PLEASE HELP ME WITH SETTING UP ANDROID APP. Thanks i advance.

You can use online tool convert this site to android app.

Which online tool sir? ERPNext has a dedicated ERPNext app so I am sure there is no need to covert and I have used before app but on standalone instance of ERPNext. What I need is setup info for ERPNext on google cloud instance.

Try this I notyet test. I use erpnext app but have error. So I use same this tool to make android app.

step by step instrucitons please?


I think you are using bitnami version of ERPNext,maybe it is the cause,better you try vanilla installation.


Hi and thanks @hereabdulla.
Before I have used bitnami version and app used to work. But I have forgotten the settings and the server address to insert in app.

I just typed the server address in Chrome browser and logged in and IT’S as good as an app.