Android app shows the blank desk

I’ve been using, tried on Android and iPad but the result is same. What’s wrong?

Hi @inten,

It happens if your Android/iOS version is not up to date.
You have to use the latest versions with ERPNext V8.

Hi. Do you mean Erpnext application depends on iOS/Android version??? How come?

See the attached screenshot, this is the latest version exists in the Stores.

Hi @inten,

Since v8 needs the latest Javascript features, you Android or iOS version must be up to date.

For example, I had an old iPad that couldn’t be updated anymore since last August and it didn’t work as you describe. But ERPNext works without issues with a new iPad running the latest iOS version.

Are you sure your phone/tablet OS is up to date ?

If yes, then that may be another issue.

Tried on iOS 10.3 - it works. Very strange erpnext attitude - following their logic we have to provide our staff with the latest iOS devices ))))

Is there any system requirements shared on the erpnext website for mobile devices? Like, Android 6+, iOS 10?

The empty start desk issue was solved by installing Android System WebView package from the Store.