Android Print Not possible


Now from the Android App I can see Print Preview but there is no Print BUtton .

Any idea what needs to be done?

This seems to be working fine in the test account.

Which version you are on?

And if I click on Print the foloowing page is displayed


ERPNext: v8.6.4 (master)

Frappe Framework: v8.6.3 (master)

@ArundhatiS any idea?

Printing from Android App is not supported yet.

I see, thanks!


While this may be true, that does not mean that you cannot use Andriod. Just don’t use the official ERPNext App from the app store. Instead just use the Firefox or Chrome browser for Andriod and then download one of the printing apps. Open the browser and then navigate to your ERPNext login page and go from there. I have had good luck with:

  • Cloud Print (This worked very well but not as easy to setup and cannot change default printer)
  • HP Print Service Plugin (if you are trying to print to a HP network or wireless printer)
  • Quick Print (if you are using a network connected printer)
  • Mobile Print - PrinterShare (has a free version and a paid version.) This one was easiest to setup.

The Cloud Print App is the Google Cloud Printer interface for Andriod. It works, but you have to select your printer every time. Otherwise it defaults to creating a PDF file in your Google Docs account. Not as smooth of an operation as I would have liked, but it does work.

The HP Print Service Plugin work amazingly well with wireless HP printers. I use this to print Quotes and Sales orders to the HP Envy class wireless printers in the back of a delivery truck.

Quick Print App is not well documented, but it seemed to work with most any shared or network printer once you figured out the strange setup.

Mobile Print - PrintShare App was the easiest to setup and use. They recommend testing it in the free version to make sure it works well with your printer but then buy the $4.99US license key to get the best operation form the app. I have only used the free testing version and It worked very well. The icon for this app looks like a paper airplane folded up from a document page.

Ultimately I am using the HP app since all of my printers are of the HP wireless type, but I had good luck with all of these apps. The only one I didn’t find very useful was the “Let’s Print Droid” app. It really pushes it’s companion app “Lets Print PDF” which then seems to want everything to be converted to PDF before printing. Didn’t like the setup of the combination so I abandoned it early. Your experience may differ if you have more patience to figure it out.

Regardless, all of the above listed apps worked for me when trying to print sales orders and invoices, so I would imagine they would work just as well with the CRM portion of ERPNext.


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Oh… BTW… I believe that all of them require Andriod v4.4 or greater to function properly.



Thanks for the heads up. However I am trying to achieve this with my andriod device but my browser triggers the print dialogue box but couldn’t trigger or find the printer added on the app (Quick Print)

However, for Cloud Print I was only able to add the printer to a cloud account and then try print from there… the issue with this is the wait time to send to the printer takes about 5min to print… (something is not right here)

Please share more guide… Thanks

I am thinking I should be able to communicate with the network printer via the Wireless Network rather than use the internet to send print data…


Glad to hear something I posted over 3 years ago is still helpful :grin:

However, I have more recently invested in using the HP print app in Android because it turned out to be the most reliable and had the fastest print times. It was the speed that made all the difference for me. I support a team of wholesale reps that sell directly out of the back of large box trucks. The faster they complete a sale and move on the the next client site, the more money the parent company can make.

The only downside I can tell you to using the HP print application really has nothing to do with the app itself, but the printers that HP sells. Let me explain a bit further…

the HP Envy line of printers all have a Wi-Fi Direct capability. It is this specialized connection that I exploit to drive the printers. You see, my Android tablets are all on the cellphone broadband network as their primary connection to the internet. This means I do not have to use the regular wifi to use ERPNext from a VPS server. This leaves the tablet wifi open for use to connect to the printers. By turning on the special “Wi-Fi Direct” function in the tablet wifi settings I am able to connect to the internet thru the cellphone network and the wireless HP Envy printer at the same time!

Ahh… but getting back to the problem with some GP Envy printers…

The Envy printers released by HP are in “series” model numbers that essentially means the higher the series printers model number, the more features in the printer and the higher price you will pay for the printer. Up to now, the printers in the HP Envy 3000 up to 5000 series numbers all claim the ability to work with Wi-Fi Direct. However, I have never been able to get any of the lower series number printers to work at all. Typically they will print the first time you try to use it and then never connect properly again. To get around this I have installed HP Envy series 6000 or higher printers in all of the trucks and they work EVERY time. I have also found most of the HP laser printers to perform this trick well also.

The beauty of this setup is that the same printers will also work with the Apple print functions of the the latest version iPads. Again as long as the tablet has the cellular chip for the broadband connection.

I have even deployed this kind of setup in regular brick and mortar stores for POS terminals on ERPNext.

This is my experience only, and as always…

Your mileage may vary :sunglasses:


interesting to hear…i am as well trying to deploy this in a brick and mortar stores but thermal Printers (Star Micronics) are used across all locations…my challenge really is not been able to trigger prints to the print apps…

Perhaps there is a walkaround somehow to use these Printers(Thermal Printers) with Generic apps

Hmm… Not that I have found so far. In the stores i use the HP laserjet printers with the wireless and print standard full page receipts. I do have other installations with the POS style thermal printers, but I do not like the layout of the printed receipt and it only works with Windows tablets that can actually drive the USB ports of these cash drawer and printer combinations. There was one group here that did develop a way to print to these from Android, but they only made it available in their application which was a stand alone POS app that was meant to run 'offline" from the ERPNext system and sync data after the sale. I am not sure if it is still active but you should be able to find more about it doing a forum search.

There was also another person here on the forum that had found a way to create custom print formats that could talk directly to Zebra compatible barcode / label/ receipt printers. While this does allow the print function it does not open a cash drawer. Again, a forum search will tell you more details.

Hope this helps.