Angolan Currency not present

Dear Sirs,
When starting ERPNext as a new site or new production and if i select my Country Angola … the currency Kwanza is not available and if i select another currency this will be my default in accounting which is not the right setup i would like.
How can i before creating the Site enter the information for Angolan Currency?

I created a GitHub issue.

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott thanks.

This issue was moved:

Just add on the currency
Name: Kwanza
Symbol: AOA

I had to change this manually on the country file where the symbol was the old one Kz. Also changed or head to add on the currency DB.

If changes already done make sure are like this :

tabCurrency (name,currency_name,symbol,enabled,smallest_currency_fraction_value,fraction_units,fraction,number_format)
VALUES (‘KZ’,‘KZ’,‘AOA’,1,0.50000,100,‘Centimo’,‘#,###.##’);



“Angola”: {
“code”: “ao”,
“currency”: “KZ”,
“currency_fraction”: “C\u00eantimo”,
“currency_fraction_units”: 100,
“currency_name” : “Kwanza”,
“currency_symbol”: “AOA”,
“number_format”: “#,###.##”,
“timezones”: [

This should be added to the TABCURRENCY because when new company or new machine is created and if I select country Angola it freezes if the currency not added.