[Announcement] E-commerce Refactor

.stl or .obj or .step but maybe .3mf with color info would be real nice to display

Showing off some 3D rendering in Frappe V12


after the update it appears my products with variants no longer work. if you click on the variant selector its a blank modal

I would also suggest adding multiple shipments in separate packages (ex. items in stock and backordered), and integration with service like Easypost for providing UPS or FedEx Rates. Being able to predict the total cost upfront for orders is very important for an E-Commerce Module.

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Great work done…:heart::heart::heart:
ERPNext adoption would be enhanced in Bangladesh on incorporating suitable payment gateways. SSLCOMMERZ is leading https://developer.sslcommerz.com , financial sponsorship to some extend can be offered, if anyone leads the development…

tested on a fresh virtual machine install as well.

I just found your post here, my add to cart button was missing on product pages as well but enabling “allow items not in stock to be added to cart” works now it is visible.

products with variants are still popping up a blank modal when you click “select variant” button

Why it required to login when click add to cart?

Hey thats added to the roadmap

  • Allowing guest users to add to cart and Wishlist (reducing friction for B2C customers)

Currently the user must be a User in the system to create a Customer, Contact, etc. while adding to Cart. Due to which we would expect users to be logged in while adding to cart.

Whats a better flow for you? Out of curiosity.

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Hi Marination! sometimes they sound negative when we post some comments but quite the opposite, only in this case on github and discuss is multiple times.

Where without the possibility of being able to build the cart without being a user, the system can NOT be used as B2C, any expert in this can mention it to you, that’s why it should be a priority since we don’t see all the desire to use it that way!

Excellent work as always.


Wow! This is so cool

What about the product’s photo slideshow that can easily upload multiple photo from the same page instead going through the creation of new slideshow for it.

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It’s awesome. Could anyone guide on how to set/add shipping cost?

Hi. Now is it works?


Well done for the release of Version 14. Great work from Frappe and the Community.

With regards to eCommerce, was there a solution for the following in Version-14?

This is very important for any proper e-commerce website.
Did any one have a try for Version-14?

Why don’t you try it and tell us?

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Hello @olamide_shodunke

Good point ! :upside_down_face:

I will soon… for sure. Just need the time.

Anyone tested this already?

Hello all,

Just noted that Guest users still cannot add items to a Cart without login.
Is there a time line?

If there is a change that needs to be done… where that should be? Just a help to allow me to evaluate if I can do this and contribute!

@marination Can you guide me to the change needed to make this possible?
Anyone else?


patience my friend

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