[Announcement] ERPNext and Frappe Version 8 will be released on 30th March 2017

The upcoming ERPNext and Frappe version 8 will be released on 30th March 2017. That means develop branch will be merged to master branch.

Here are the list of major features we developed in this version.

  • Global Search
  • Kanban View
  • Document Versioning
  • Email Inbox
  • Enhanced POS
  • Employee Loan
  • Multiple UOMs in Selling
  • Accrual system in Payroll and Expense Claim
  • Custom Permissions Enhancement
  • Dedicated roles for Report and Page
  • Customer Feedback
  • School Assessment Module
  • Newsletter Enhancements
  • New Calendar and Date Picker
  • Summernote Text Editor
  • Export report in Excel format

For more details, please check ERPNext Version 8 Features Page.

Please test all the new and existing features in develop branch and report the issues on github.

Note: If you don’t want to update your production instance immediately after the release, but still want the latest version (7.2.30) of current master branch, please update your instance before 30th March.



Great news! I’m really looking forward to ERPNext8!!!

Will the new fee module be merged for ERPNext, too?



THis Upgrades are really cool…

but i think school should be an separated apps …

much more business using erpnext but not as school :smiley:


Good News :grinning:

@zefanja Can’t really say, we are still working on it. But it will surely come in v8.1

@bobzz_zone We have decided to go for monolithic model, which means all the modules in a single repo. And you will not see School module if you don’t assign related roles (Student and Instructor) to the users.

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Thanks for the information, @nabinhait!

Just came here to check if there is announced date for V8 and found this.

Great news. Keep up the good work.

@bobzz_zone I have to disagree with your assessment of the school module. Several of my clients manufacture their own specialty products and more than half of them also run training classes at their facilities or as traveling workshops and they really want the school modules to be very integrated into their systems so they can keep track of students/customers that have been properly trained and stay up to date with product changes or new procedures.

@nabinhait I have to agree with your direction for ERP Next because so many companies want to know who is trained on their products and when they need training updates in order to prevent accidents that could lead to large lawsuits. Keep everything together, it will be so much easier than the way I have had to do this in the past with writing data sharing code between very dissimilar programs.

Types of companies that potentially want all of this information together would be:

  • Medical Device manufactures
  • Aviation Parts manufactures
  • Companies that service heavy equipment
  • Companies that make food preparation equipment
  • Car dealerships that also have certified repair departments
  • Commercial home builders
  • Drug manufactures
  • Chemical manufactures and distributors

And the list could go on almost forever. Don’t ever be so short sighted to think that the school module is unimportant. In fact you may well consider how to improve upon it to make it even more attractive to to these types of businesses.

Just my thoughts… Looking forward to the release.


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I do agree to separate erpnext and school because as we experience there are doctype the conflict to other customization made for the school doctype example “room” etc. :slight_smile:


congrats! :slight_smile:

What About the Manufacturing Module Enhancement & Cheque Printing Enhancement?

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@Pankajwadkar Please create github issue for the enhancement you are looking for in those features/modules.

I haven’t had much time to keep up with ERPNext development (Our company is moving facilities and I’ve been working on getting that done), but excellent job you guys. There is a lot of good stuff here!


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Congrats! :smiley:

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Good to see much awaited features:
Employee Loan
Multiple UOMs in Selling
Accrual system in Payroll and Expense Claim

Great Job Team!!!

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Leave “status” will update also ?. currently i am having issue with “status” in Draft . i want the status based on the drop down.

Did you had created any issue on github explaining the issue? I don’t know the exact issue, can’t say whether it is implemented or not. If you did not create one, please create an issue on github with screenshots.