[Announcement] ERPNext Version 10 will be released on 25th December 2017

Better to release a working software late. well done guys!


MakING it a Xmas gift


Good work guys!

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Agree with you.

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2018 will be tough for GCC Area and we bet extremely on this release, great job ERPnext team

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Waiting for the release of ERPNext 10 today inshaALLAH!

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Me Too

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Is this still happening?

Version 10 has been released !!! :tada: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake:


Thanks for the Christmas gift :tada: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake: :sweat_smile:

Merry Christmas!!!

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Thanks for version 10. I am yet to upgrade and test it. I just wanted to find out if there is feedback on the project to fetch bank transactions and allocate them in ERPNext to various customers/suppliers/GL accounts. Do you have a time line when this feature will be available?

Welcome to ERPNext Danny_Kapasa,

My search on ‘bank transactions’ found Pawan’s helpful link in particular:

BIG GAP: Customer statements and bank transactions

Bank reconciliation enhancements · Issue #5903 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Open-source is all about user driven initiatives!

Why not collaborate with users share your need like these here Bank Reconcillation through online sync with Bank Account - #5 by namanc

and together sponsor a bounty https://erpnext.org/bounties

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Hi Danny,
+1 on the idea of fetching Bank Transactions. It is a standard feature in Quickbooks and Xero, but tough to implement. We are looking at a solution that uses Plaid.com, but the pricing starts at US$500/month. They say that they do 95%+ of US banks and the top 5 Canadian banks. But that is still a steep price.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks. Yes that price is steep. I don’t know why it has taken this long for Erpnext to actually come up with something. This is Critical for most accounting packages.

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Time and money is keeping us all from it!!

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If you check out the plaid website, there is a free a version (100 credentials whatever that means) Odoo uses plaid and it works for them… I think we write down the features we want and how we want it to work, it can be done…

Like it has been said many times in the forum you can contribute by not only writing code, but wiring specs and documentation… Lets’ start somewhere.

Quick edit, they even have a python SDK


Is following issue still under development

I looked up alternatives and this company looks to do the same. pretty sure the feature can be implemented and each user applies for their own API so it remains free? Account information | Financial data aggregation | AISP | Salt Edge

@spoojary has already sent a PR for importing bank statement. Please feel free to add your comments on the PR or related github issue.

Thanks, Well done,
In the Education domain, in version 10 is there student portal that can login the student and see his/her assessments’ result and Attendance history etc.

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