[Announcement] ERPNext Version 10 will be released on 25th December 2017

Version 10 of both ERPNext and Frappe will be released on 25th December 2017.

Some of the highlights of the version:

  • Account numbers

    • Default Chart of accounts with account number
    • Set account number for your existing chart of accounts
  • Payment Terms

    • Create Sales Invoice with multiple due dates and payment slab
  • Agriculture (New Domain)

    • Manage Crop, Crop Cycle, Land Unit, Disease and Fertilizer records
    • Maintain records of Plant / Soil / Water Analysis
  • Non Profits (New Domain)

    • Manage records of Members, Donors, Volunteers and Chapters
    • Portal for Grant Application
  • Delivery Trip

    • Track each of your delivery trips with their associated stops and timing
  • Item Variants Update

    • Create variants from Quick Entry dialog
    • Create multiple variants from a single screen
  • Shipping Rule

    • Now available in Buying cycle
    • Apply based on Net Weight / Fixed Amount / Net Total
  • Updated POS

    • Single POS Profile for multiple Users
    • Sales Payment Summary (X & Z) report
    • Fixed multiple bugs
  • Employee Advance

    • Manage Advances given to your employee and adjust with Expense Claim
  • Payroll Entry

    • Maintain records of each payroll processing
    • Deprecated Process Payroll tool
  • Schools to Education

    • School module is renamed to Education
  • Opening Invoice Tool

    • A new tool to create opening invoices
  • Asset Maintenance

    • Maintain records of Asset Maintenance and Asset Repair
  • Employee Tree

    • Employee document now has a tree view, so you can create your organisation chart based on it
  • Task Tree

    • Task also has a Tree view now
  • Education module update

    • Course Scheduling Tool
  • Enhanced Data Import Tool

    • Data Import Tool is now a normal form, you can maintain records for each Data Import.
    • Better error handling
    • Background processing for large files
  • Batch selection based on earlier expiry date of the batch

  • Invoice GL Entry based on rounded total (instead of grand total)

  • Multiple UOM in Material Request

  • FrappĂ© now has a github connector

  • Any doctype can have a calendar view

  • FrappĂ© has a new simple, responsive, modern SVG charts library, developed by us

Edit 1: We have postponed the release date to 20th December, earlier it was 18th December. For more details, please check my comments below.

Edit 2: We have postponed the release date one more time to 25th December. For more details, please check my comments below.


Cool Features. Kudos to all the contributors. V10 rocks !!!

Is that option available per Item and/or per Supplier?

any news or improvements for timesheet and sales-invoice?

Have you reported those bugs in the github?

In ERPNext version 10 - what about chat option for desktop alert notification automatically ?

If i wanna chat with anyone of user, how they know my message even they working erpnext other screen.

Those steps are to stabilise the products only.

And we have added around 400+ test cases in the last 6 months, I think those are only in the direction of getting a stabilised product. By the fear of bugs we can’t stop develop new features, only what we can do, to strengthen the process around it, so that we can have less number of bugs.


Chat is still in final stage of development, so may be we have to wait for another month for it.


@khushal_t, Thanks for pointing out. If you see it has been the general request from the community to reduce bugs and if you see the github, you will see the effort the team is making in that direction.

We have to understand that it is an open source software. Which means that we also have a responsibility towards the software. At the least we can point out any bug that we encounter in detail. This will help the team to reproduce them and remove them.



I’m curious what they are running to…


I had to laugh out loud at this

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This is

Payroll Entry

Maintain records of each payroll processing

awesome news! Well done guys!!! It would also be nice if payroll history for each employee can be generated separately.


Waiting the new version with those new good features.

Great job. Congrats

Now regarding this “Deprecated Process Payroll tool”

How will the process be?

There’s a new concept called payroll entry. It’s basically the same as process payroll, except the output is saved. Learning curve should be minimal, if at all.

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@nabinhait đź–’ looks like Christmas is coming early this year. Excellent update


Hi @nabinhait, I hope this is an option?


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Why version changes so fast in erpnext and frappe?

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@revant_one Thanks revant for your view .i hope the product will catch new height in coming future cheers …!!!