[Update] Semantic Versioning for Frappe/ERPNext

Hello Community,

Today, we have released Frappe/ERPNext the version 8.2, Following are the list of feature introduced in the version 8.2

  1. New Filter design.
  2. Multiple UOM in Bill Of Material.
  3. Support Hours report for Support Analysis.

Also, from now on we are going to follow the semantic versioning (http://semver.org/) for both ERPNext and Frappe.


For any feature breaks backword compability we will update major version 7.2 => 8.0
For new feature we will update minor version 8.1 => 8.2
For bug fixes or minor changes we will update the patch version 8.2.0 => 8.2.1

Makarand Bauskar


very good job well done


Great initiative guys. Well done.

I’d like to know, is there documented somewhere some documentation of Frappe Versions and the corresponding ERPNext versions that they support? I think this is important for those who cannot move at the speed of upgrades and may want to install historical versions. They would need to know what versions of Frappe are compatible with versions of ERPNext.


You will not find that type of documentation or any real value documentation.
Documentation is simply not there so you and others are forced to buy support plans…

That is the sad truth

Will bite. There are no support plans (technical support) :slight_smile:

The real reason for lack of this documentation is that this is still an evolving project and there is not enough bandwidth to make this happen.

Now that you have pointed this out, if you have the time and expertise, you are welcome to make this happen.

Welcome to open source.


Hi @Salmon-Bard,

I agree with @rmehta. There are a lot of complaints regarding documentation, but only a few people participate in improving it.
This project belongs to the community, that’s the point of having a foundation, therefore all users have to do their share. We shall not act as consumers but as stakeholders, else there would have been no reason for the Frappe Team to make this project open-source.

For the development part, it is understandable that not everyone is a developer in the community and therefore not everyone can contribute code.

But if all people on this forum could contribute a little bit to the improvement of the documentation, the translations or writing/reviewing detailed and quality functional specifications, that would leave more time for people who understand the code to enhance the technical documentation (which is less needed at this stage than an improved detailed functional documentation in my opinion).

Everyone can understand how it works, test it extensively on their instance and write down answers to questions asked by others. It requires just a lot of time and curiosity :wink:


I actually think the functional documentation is ok. No it’s not perfect, but it has pretty good coverage and goes over most scenarios.

In terms of documentation, I think the one thing that would reduce questions on the forum drastically and improve user experience would be a Server Administration manual of some kind. But that isn’t easy, and would require someone with both expertise and time to write. At the very least, a compilation of “common issues” would help people a lot.

But yes, ultimately this would have to be a community initiative. Someone, a group. or organization/company, would have to step up.


Awesome. Happy to help in with whatever I can :slight_smile:

An easy way to start would be to use the GitHub Wiki – but someone needs to start off with a basic structure

Can I suggest something similar to the code sprint can be planned for non-coders who are volunteering to improve the documentation during the ERPNext conferences this would help ensure improvements go hand in hand with the code changes.

Another option would be to identify someone or two people in the community who could be responsible for the docs perhaps supported by the foundation even if on a part-time or as-needed basis.


Hi to all,
Maybe is not the right place but regarding versions and sub-versions what control is used for the Py or even JS files that are modified… reason for asking is because it’s easier to check if a certain file was changed and what version is it now…
For instance I have a copy of POS as Pos_bar and some changes where done to work on a bar like table, waitress… But still need to same functions that erpnext POS has due to upgrades and improvements… For me to see if files changed and where need to compare file by file and line by line while with a version control would be easier.

Just a thought.