[Announcement] ERPNext Version 7.2.0 Beta Release

Beta version of ERPNext version 7.2.0 has been released :grinning:

A new branch “v7.2.0-beta” has been introduced in both frappe and erpnext repository.

To know about the new features and fixes in the release, please check ERPNext Version 7.2.0 Beta Release

Please test the beta version on your local instance or on https://beta.erpnext.com. And report your suggestions or bugs on the Github Issues.



not sure if it’s a bug or by design, btw:

on purchase order editing item row UOM / UOM Conversion factor doesn’t change the Amount, see pic

Can you please have a look?

In purchase orders, any chance to show only the Item that can be bought from selected Supplier?

What is ‘Close’?

@JoEz @IAGAdmin Issues on GitHub, so we can tag and “close” them?

@rmehta ok, not sure it was a bug. I’ll open …

Then please try multiple experiments and make sure! It will save us a lot of time + effort :slight_smile:

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@rmehta on my side is for sure a bug …not sure if you it’s designed to work like that :grin:

This is for sure a bug.

Not seeing this on beta.erpnext.com

@cpurbaugh the “Close” bug has been fixed

Ok, thanks!

Currency Exchange based on date feature is cool, long awaited.

Good Job

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Filters dashboard is really great! Is there any way to move/add filters in this dashboard?

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After clone frappe and erpnext V. 7.2, how can i access the aplication? I’m testing localy o VM and ubuntu 16.04
I’m used to start bench from /frappe-bench but here is different…


No way to test the demo effectively without any serialized items. There are critical issues with serialized items in the current POS for example. No way to test if these have been fixed in the 7.2.0 beta release. I’ve already created a github issue for this. Thanks

There is no difference for beta testing. You can create a new bench using bench init command. Clone erpnext repo and switch to v7.2.0-beta branch and the create / restore a site. Start the bench using normal bench start command.

You can check ‘In Standard Filter’ in doctype to enable a field in filters

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Sorry nabinhait, I did clone erpnext and frappe as user on a fresh ubuntu 16, but I don’t have a folder frappe-bench to use bench command. Something went wrong?
Let me recap, if get your idea: First I install v 7.1, then I create a new bench with bench init. Clone the repo v7.2 and switch to v7.2.0-beta. Please tell me exactly where to apply clone, in which directories. Thank you!

Interesting. Before users were allowed to create items at beta.erpnext.com, but not anymore.