[Announcement] Launching Frappe Mobile 1.0.0

Hello Community,

Happy to announce the first version of Frappe Mobile!

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Developing such a huge project from scratch was a thrilling ride. More yet to come.
Here’s a detailed post about the working of App and its journey so far


Guessing it supports only ERPNext V13 and not V12 or V11 right?

@kid Seems like that. I tried IOS and Android 10 on self-hosted v12 and got an error. Same tests on self-hosted v13 worked.

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Brilliant !!!

Just for your information, I encountered following issues on site running on V13

  1. Default values like company, naming series etc are not getting populated by default.
  2. Posting Time field is coming up with grey area which covers rest of the document! Screenshot_2021-09-16-22-52-01-85_63b8e65e698ae8d6a4e71cdab52863a9|225x500

Does it support basic custom scripts (auto-population/calculation)?

No. Read the blog.

Custom/Client Scripts are not supported in the app.


What is the difference between Frappe Mobile and ERPMobile?

Both are made by FRappe Technologies?

ERPNext mobile not updated since 2019. Abandoned?


From the accompanying blog:

Why is it named Frappe Mobile and not ERPNext Mobile?

You might have this question if you know just about ERPNext and not Frappe Framework. Basically, ERPNext is built on top of Frappe Framework, you can read more on this here. Frappe Mobile can run not just ERPNext but also any other App created using Frappe Framework. It can be a Library Management app or Food Delivery app or anything you’d like to develop.


In payment entry, the party type is not linked correctly. Though Customer is selected, the list of customer is not auto populated. This is not the issue with website.

Will it be possible to see views such as tree view, Kanban, or Gantt view from Frappe Mobile?

Also, there was no way to see Todo’s from the app.

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Will it connect to server only via IP not the domain name.?
Also will it support ‘http’ as currently its only working via ‘https’ hence cant connect to server on ip as SSL is linked to domain name.

Basically the App is really nice. I like it.

The problem(decision) that no custom scripts are supported is, in my personal opinion, a big showstopper for lots of applications of ERPNext.

I have uninstalled and installed again and this issue with the posting time field is still not fixed.
I’m using Android 9.

Because of Posting Time field issue, this version of application is unusable despite you guys hard work.

Hope this issue will get resolved soon.

yes, this feature is currently being implemented. It will be released in next update

These additional views are not in the roadmap as of now.

Thanks for raising this, will raise a fix in next update

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currently, it connects via domain name given it is https

will add HTTP support in roadmap

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@Helio_Jesus @sanjay can you dm the creds of your instance on telegram @sumitb16, as i am unable to replicate this on my side. I checked on multiple sites

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