[Announcement] Shopify Integration updates

Hello ERPNext community :wave:

This is a rather late announcement, but I thought it was important to share.

We are deprecating Shopify integration in ERPNext and from next major version(v14) it will be removed from ERPNext.

This integration is now moved to a separate app called “Ecommerce Integrations”. GitHub - frappe/ecommerce_integrations: Ecommerce integrations for ERPNext

All previous functionality exists, along with few new features:

  • Item catalogue sync (2-way, ERPNext->Shopify or Shopify->ERPNext(only at time of order sync)
  • Auto match item_code with SKU if possible (to avoid duplication)
  • Inventory sync (from ERPNext to Shopify)
  • Order cancellation - if unfullfilled/billed orders get cancelled, they’ll be auto cancelled. Billed/Fulfilled orders just change status and leave the action up to user.
  • Latest API versions and using official Shopify SDK instead of requests

Reference links:

If you’re wondering about other integrations, then yes, they’ll follow suit soon enough. :wink:

I’ve captured some known feature requests in issue tracker: Issues · frappe/ecommerce_integrations · GitHub I’ll be working on them as I churn through my backlog, but if anyone wants to contribute, I’ll be more than happy to review and get it merged. :slight_smile:


E-Commerce app now supports syncing of item variants to and from ERPNext/Shopify, provided the variant has 3 or less attributes. :tada: :partying_face:

This has been a feature request since long and has been tracked via Allow uploading variant items to shopify · Issue #60 · frappe/ecommerce_integrations · GitHub and have been completed by merging of feat: item variant sync by rtdany10 · Pull Request #212 · frappe/ecommerce_integrations · GitHub

Also, I’d like to thank @ankush for guiding me and reviewing this PR, catching some crucial bugs in the process.

As mentioned, we still have plenty of issues open and we’d like to see more community members involved in getting them closed asap! :slight_smile:


Can share with us the configuration of “Map Shopify Taxes / Shipping Charges to ERPNext Account”.

Where can I find the correct name on shopify? …I don’t know if is this my problem
All Webhook IDs are empty …but we successfully synced the products.
The log on ERPNext (v.14 on Frappecloud.com) reports only a generic “migrate_from_old_connector” in queued status.
All API version of shopify are supported? now we have the 2024-04

It’s really difficult to understand. Please let me now. Thanks