[Announcement][Teaser] Migeran Web CMS for ERPNext

Dear ERPNext Community,

we are happy to announce the first teaser of our Migeran Web CMS addon for ERPNext.

CMS Features

  • Visual Editor
  • Image handling
  • Live previews
  • Integrated with ERPNext Admin UI
  • Form Designer
  • Reusable Blocks
  • Simple Blog Feature
  • Handle Multiple Independent Websites from a single ERPNext instance

Frontend Features

State of the Art

  • Built on React and NextJS
  • Handles multiple independent websites
  • Each website uses its own NextJS instance, with potentially different UX design and frontend frameworks.
  • Any React / NextJS developer can work with it.

High performance

  • Horizontal scaling performance using Incremental Static Regeneration from NextJS
  • Changed pages are automatically regenerated and cached

Extensible Architecture

  • The architecture is completely frontend technology agnostic.
  • You may use any frontend technology (e.g. Vue, Angular) as long as it implements the same protocol towards our Frappe / ERPNext app.

Next Steps

We are looking forward to your thoughts / comments in this topic, we are also happy to reply to any questions.

We are planning to do a more detailed walkthrough (possibly live) in the next days. Please share your preferred times / timezones in the comments below.

Please also like this topic to get notified of updates.

Have a nice day,
Gergely Kis
Co-Founder / CTO of Migeran


Very interesting. It looks really great.

Esta opcion esta interesante, espero poder probarla. Suerte y exitos.

It seems interesting, would like to know more

Hi Gergely,
Congratulation for this product.
I have a question on section extensible architecture: I am using Svelte/SvelteKit technology, and you mentioned the solution is frontend technology agnostic. How do you suggest someone extend it using other than react/nextjs?

This is super cool. My org has been working on something similar using Nuxt and FrappeUI, but perhaps that won’t be necessary! Can I ask what your release plans are?

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How to install on erpnext?

Hi Aulia,

I will talk about this a bit more in the full demonstration, but just briefly:

  • the system consists of 2 parts: Frappe app and Frontend server
  • the Frontend server contains the React-based editor
  • the Frappe app and the Frontend talk using a well-defined protocol

There are 2 options to use Svelte/SvelteKit:

Kind regards,

Dear Midhat,

the software is not released yet, I will share more about that in the full demonstration.

Kind regards,

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Hello Gergely,

Have you made any more progress on your Frappe CMS tool? We’re looking at developing or acquiring something like this.


Dear @DCRob,

yes, we have completed the first stable version of Migeran Web CMS and are currently using it internally.

We implemented quite a few additional features, including:

  • Multilingual support
  • Site templates
  • Backup and restore functionality integrated into Frappe Bench
  • Edge rendering support with CloudFlare Pages
  • Support for running Frappe / ERPNext behind a VPN for maximum security (ERPNext can pull the form data securely from CloudFlare.)
  • ERPNext 14 and 15 support

I will reach out to you in private message to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Kind regards,
Co-Founder / CTO of Migeran Ltd