ERPNext Schools is an ERP for Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutes is now live. Do have a look.
You can find the documentation at ERPNext Schools: Documentation


is that done by writing new stuff actually or ‘just’ a reconfiguration of the standard ERPNext?

awesome :grinning:

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Its a new app. It requires ERPNext to be installed. You can find the source code at GitHub - frappe/schools: Merged with frappe/erpnext - this repo is deprecated

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Superb @neilLasrado. Finally the wait is over :smile:

Hey, Great Work, is a Nice Application.


Nice :smile:

I tried to install on my Port Based Multi-tenanted setup. Created a new site shala. Installation went through, but when I login as administrator and after it gets to me to enter courses, lessons and classrooms I get the error DocType Department not found. And then your Frappe cup keeps bouncing forever.


Have you installed ERPNext ?


Yes sir!

D@ng! I hadn’t. But to my credit, I realized by myself and corrected it. It went through no problems!

Initial thoughts - A School is also a business as it comes to Buying materials, Selling Books and accessories. So maybe you need to have a mode by which the other featuers of ERPNext is also accessible. I guess you are planning this, as the Roles screen for a new user has the super set of Schools and ERPNext roles.




Well done, look forward to updates.


Very nice thoughtful and useful app for educational organization.

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Exactly! I have a client that is a for-profit English school. They are looking for a school management system that also allows them to manage the business side of their organisation.

I hope that ERPNext will answer your question :slight_smile:

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Will there will be a hosted version? If so, will pricing be the same as ERPNext?

Assuming you have a SaaS option, will it allow customised apps?

Yes there will be a hosted version with the same pricing as ERPNext.

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@Groove Do let us know what they feel about ERPNext Schools. We would be happy to implement suggestions.

FYI, I have not used your SaaS version. Does it allow users to install customised apps?