Annual leave calculation

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I need to calculate an employee’s annual leave based on the start date and a leave rate of 1.75 days per month.
I know that this can be done manually from leave allocation tool, but I was wondering if it is already present an automatic process.
I look forward to your advice, thanks.

Unfortunately, you would have to customize to do this. Its not built in, presently.

How to do this?

@laura @Chinjuprotech you need to do customization on Leave Allocation Doctype.
Find out months from From date and To date.
then New Leaves Allocated = months *1.75

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@jsukrut Can you please share the query

@jsukrut Any update

My main concern is Once we allocated the opening Leaves in System , is there any way system will auto allocate/ auto calculate the balance leave as based on to as on date

I am also looking for a similar solution, please suggest if you get any workaround.