Another email issue Read Receipt

Where is the read receipt generated from I am getting an incorrect read receipt location the server location and time is set correctly and its specified in erpnext:

Subject: Sales Invoice: SINV-xxxx
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2018 10:20:00 AM (UTC+00:00) Monrovia, Reykjavik

was read on Friday, June 22, 2018 10:21:06 AM (UTC+00:00) Monrovia, Reykjavik.

I have checked the server and there are no other logons for our email boxes except ERPNext and our outlook client yet I am getting this info above we are nowhere near Africa nor are servers located there.

Monrovia is in Africa near the equator and Reykjavic is near the Arctic circle.

What this refers to here is that both capitals simply share the same time zone

(UTC+00:00) Monrovia, Reykjavik

I am fully aware of what the read receipt means which is why I wanted to know where in ERPNext the read receipt is generated from because I have no clients in those locations and an audit of the email logs shows only two of my known ips accessing ERPNext in no way should it be saying:

Monrovia, Reykjavik

ok likely you refer to this Disposition-Notification-To

From what I can tell a Message Disposition Notification does not note any notion of physical location of any server nodes ie no ‘where’ info. But an MDN does note a time associated with when the recipient received the message RFC 3798: Message Disposition Notification

MUA performs requested action and, with user’s permission, sends
an appropriate MDN (“displayed”, “dispatched”, “processed”,
“deleted”, “denied”, or “failed” disposition type, with “manual-
action” and “MDN-sent-manually” or “MDN-sent-automatically”
disposition mode).

thank you we will definitely play around with this on our dev box and see what we can figure out…very strange given what you posted…