Another Error - Javascript - Frappe V5!


I’am getting this error when i try to see selling standard report (Customer Addresses and Contacts):

In my simulation i have two customers.

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'me.report_doc.ref_doctype')
	(função anónima) (report.min.js, line 59)
	callback (desk.min.js, line 542)
	(função anónima) (desk.min.js, line 182)
	(função anónima) (desk.min.js, line 186)
	j (jquery.min.js, line 2)
	fireWith (jquery.min.js, line 2)
	x (jquery.min.js, line 4)
	(função anónima) (jquery.min.js, line 4)

The same when i go to selling sales Funnel report.

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.elements.refresh_btn.on')
	setup (desk, line 59)
	(função anónima) (desk, line 21)

Can you post in GitHub


I will post in github. I will try today but i’am working.

If i can’t i will post monday.


You already correct the error!


yeah, I guess @nabinhait fixed it