Another Permissions Issue (filtering with multiple link fields)

Hi ,

After weeks of trying to tweak the HR Appraisal feature into something fairly viable, we’ve encountered another snag… this time with permissions


In most generic setups, there are 4 classes of people who should have access to an Appraisal doc:

  1. The Employee (Owner)
  2. The Supervisor (Line Head who actually scores the appraisal)
  3. The Head of Department
  4. HR

In order to allow the Supervisor have access to the relevant Appraisal form, we have added a link field ‘Supervisor’ to the Appraisal which contains the Employee ID of the Supervisor

In the Roles Permission Manager, we’ve given the Supervisor permission to view and edit Appraisals where the ‘Employee’ is permitted - since that is the linked DocType. The issue however is that the Appraisal form already contains another link field ‘For Employee’ which contains the Employee ID of the appraisal owner and therefore also references the Employee master. The result is that the Supervisor is not able to view the Appraisal…

So basically, it seems the permissions don’t work when the form contains multiple link fields referencing the same DocType!

Can anyone please suggest a solution to this?

Many thanks

Any suggestions please?

Basically, I just need to give a user access to Appraisals if he is the Employee’s Supervisor. I know this sounds really simple but it’s amazing that the permission manager doesn’t seem to be able to handle it

Would appreciate any pointers


I think this scenario reveals a weakness in the current permission system; the fact that permissions are based on linked doctypes and not specific fields creates a problem when two link fields in the document reference the same doctype

This needs to be fixed


Even I am struggling with this. It would be great to have some kind of work around solution to this. I would be happy to sponsor this feature. Do you think it can get resolved by Multi Select Link Field now as v11 has it?

Hi @raj,

Not so sure about that but might give it a try