[Answered] Where can I change the default start date of reports?

(I am using v10)

I use several of the standard reports and most of them open with the default start date and the default end date already filled in. In the case of the start date, it is always defaulting to 01-10-2018 and I would like to change that to 01-01-2019.

This would be for the Stock Balance Report and a few others.

There are several threads on the forum for this and they all point to github pages that no longer exists.

Where can I go to alter this start date?

Do I need to do it for each report? If so, where do I find that?

Or is there one place where the system gets this information?



Never mind… I figured it out.

The reports I am concerned with are based on the fiscal year. To alter the default start date on those reports I needed to change to the new fiscal year.

Global Settings > Edit fiscal year > Save