Any interest in DCAA compliant timesheets with ERPNext?

In the US, government contractors are required to keep daily timesheets for employees. There currently aren’t any free DCAA compliant timesheet systems. The requirements really aren’t that complex. Are any companies keeping DCAA compliance (accounting or timekeeping) using ERPNext for it? I found a reference to a company asking about it from 2012 but that was it!

I would think this would be a major selling point for ERPNext for small US government contractors that need to start keeping timesheets.

Given the cost of some of the existing solutions, I’m sure there are plenty of companies who would contribute to the cost of an implementation. We certainly would.

Bumping my own thread!

I think to make this happen we would need:

  1. A UI that allows creating a timesheet for a given time period (typically 1 or 2 working weeks), with the ability for employees to add rows for individual projects and charge codes. There would be a column for each day in the time period for which an hour amount could be added.
  2. Projects need to have “charge codes” for individual tasks or subprojects that are billed against.
  3. Access to project charge codes need to be able to be controlled on an employee by employee basis. Ie every employee cannot charge every charge code unless they are given access.
  4. Timesheets must be able to be submitted by the employee, then approved by their manager. Also need to be able to reject, edit and resubmit them.
  5. All edits must be tracked in a historical log.
  6. Various ways to generate reports on employee charging.
  7. Notifications for needing to submit, sign etc.

I believe #4 should be possible through the workflow engine. #5 should be covered already. I presume #6 is probably fairly easy, and #7 should be doable through workflow?

#2 should be easy enough. Just create a new doctype for charge codes.

Would #3 be doable through the existing security model? Can security restrict a user’s ability to put a given item into a form?

Not sure about #1. That might take a little custom development, but doesn’t seem like rocket science :slight_smile:

Hoping some others might be interested in this topic! There are no “free” solutions out there, and we’d love to have something built into ERPNext.