Any one can help me to know how to use this option ? Is Free Item

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If you set a Pricing Rule for “Buy 1 and get 1 free”, and if the item is a free product, this checkbox will be automatically set for the item in the Sales/Purchase Order or Invoice. For example, if you set pricing rule such as buying one item A gives you item B for free, the if you expand item B row in the transaction, the “Free Item” checkbox will be checked.

To know more about this, check section 4.2 of this link: Pricing Rule

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your information , but i try what you said bus not yet could you plz give me steps

Follow these Steps:

  1. Go to Pricing Rule and create a rule on the Product for item A.

  1. Set the Free item name which will be given for free, i.e. item B (if it’s the same item, check “Same Item” checkbox).

  1. Now create a Sales Order and select item A. Item B will be automatically fetched.

  1. Now, expand the row of item B (the free item). The “Is Free Item” checkbox will be checked.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Very Much, It is working fine