Any one synch erpnext 14 with woocommerce

i try to synch items from erpnext 14 to woocommerce and i gating error
i install WooCommerce Connector on the site all configration is good but synch faild
from woocommerce to erpnext synch success
any one try with erpnext 14 ???

I found Very good solution for that someone sync woocommerce like a charm for me on freelancerone his profile

If it is compatible, I tested it on a test system ERPNEXT v14.29.1 and the Woocommerce connector Libracore for synchronization of variants, everything is functional the only error I found so far is something related to Ecuador taxes and the version of MariaDB when synchronizing the order I’m reviewing and images in ERPNEXT that I must add the correct URL.