Any online course that will help learn the process in erpnext


Is there sort of a exercises on the net to help me learn how to use ERPNext? like how it is in school when a teacher gives like lecture then homework or something then presents the correct answer


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From what I understand, Learn NodeJS > Basic Python > Watch ERPNext Online videos and read tutorials.
Rarely, people will also reply to your questions on the forum.

Install an ERPNext instance on a GCP server or your favorite KVM type VPS server and complete the setup wizard ( even if you have no idea what you are doing).

The first time you log into the system as the first non-Administrator user, there will be an icon on the desktop called “Learn”

If you open the Learn function it shows you a page full of ERPNext links that looks very much like opening the Setup function. However in the learn function each of the links on the page will take you to a different instructional video to explain how the function you chose works in the system.

Once you are comfortable with your new-found knowledge, you can delete your server and start over with a new installation and this time set it up with the knowledge you gained from the “Learn” function.

Hope this helps…


In that case a search of the forum or the web will very often land you clues, resources and answers. The idea is of course quite often that question has been asked to some degree and some self-help reading and learning will get you to where you want to go?

And ideally to contribute and add your learning by answering here will sustain this as a viable resource too!