Any plans to add user groups?

Hi all,
Do you have any plans to add user groups? It’s pain staking to add repetitive permission to same level users?


Hi @drthilina,

what do you mean by user groups?
ERPNext has user groups e.g. project user, project manager, sales user, sales manager
wihich can be assigned different privileges.

Hi @spa,
I believe you are mentioning Roles. What I’m telling is similar to what you get in the Windows AD Environment. The role (and module access) is assigned to the User Group and Users are added to that group, so anyone in that Group will have the same set of roles applied.


You could create your own roles that closely align with whatever “group” would would create. So each user only needs to be assigned one “role”

Thanks @felix , I was really hoping to not to resort to that cause, the roles that are already there are good and it’ll take a substantial amount of time assign a new role. But if that is the way… got to do it.