Any report in manufacturing module shows productivity

are there any reports show production productivity? for instance, planed 2 days work, finished in one day.then the productivity is 200%.

Hi @RoyHu:

Work Order Summary shows planned and actual dates …

Is not exactly what you want, but is not so far … Just need a little customization.
Hope this helps.

thank you, part of it helps, i also want a report shows the productivity of every employee, i saw job cards has the data for the productivity, i want to add a report, so far don’t know where to start, due to i don’t have good knowledge to do it. especially the relationship tables in the database. on the way to look into it. it is very difficult without helps.
thank you again!

Hi @RoyHu:

Go to JobCard list, change to Report View.

Select desired columns …

This is the “standard” report … at least, you will get the desired data.

Script or query reports lets you deeper customization.
Hope this helps.

@avc ,yes, this is very helpful, thank yo!, i was on the way trying to do a customized reporting like this.