Any separate Utility to Import/Export Data from/to ERPNext?

Is there any separate Utility to Import/Export Data from/to ERPNext other than built-in “Data Import tool”?

like Dataloader for Salesforce
reference: Dataloader

No, there really is not such a tool at this time.

ERPNext/Frappe being open source packages, there is really no incentive for the volunteer developers to create such a tool.

Even if they (or anyone else that might want to tackle such a job) wanted to build a separate import/export tool, it would certainly be obsolete likely even before it could be finished.

ERPNext goes through intermediate version changes every few weeks. During the evolution of version 13 the database structure changed many times during those intermediate point versions. The database differences between v13.0.0 and 13.10.0 would fill more than 2 pages of line items (I stopped tracking after v13.10.x).

The database changes far too frequently for anyone to be able to develop such a tool that would be simple to use.

That does not mean the task is impossible. For instance, one could develop a tool that moves and formats the data as a “data engine” and then set it up to use xml files to define the source and destination data formats. At lest this way the basic engine would be universal enough to work almost every time. It would then be the responsibility of the user to create the definition files for source and destination.

I am sure that I am not the first to think about this. However, like myself, I believe nobody would tackle the task simply because the end users would still need to be mid level developers in order to understand how to create the definition files.

Moral of the story…

If you are waiting for such a tool to even become available before you start to adopt ERPNext, then you should probably look elsewhere for your ERP system. ERPNext is growing and evolving far too rapidly to allow such a tool to be developed in a reasonable time.

BKM :nerd_face:


Not that I know of, but the new data import tool is pretty flexible with all the columns mappings and all.

Normally myself and the team will write an importer for specific cases. It’s pretty easy, just write a python script that reads CSV files or XLSX, then create the docs programmatically per set of data.