Any way of knowing if doc created by AUTO-REPEAT? Any way to remove "TMPL_*" from auto-repeat template doctypes?

Is there currently any way of knowing if a document was created by auto-repeat? (i.e. an undocumented field on the document created by auto-repeat?)

If not, how hard would it be to modify auto-repeat to do this?
(i.e. if exists field: created_by_autorepeat, then created_by_autorepeat = true)

Since the source documents, or “templates” that auto-repeat uses live in the same doctype table with the target doctypes, that means if I prefix my auto-repeating doctypes with TMPL, i.e. “**TMPL_**Reminder To Take out trash weekly” then whatever auto-repeat creates will have TMPL_ in the name as well.

I suppose we could also accomplish this by checking if “TMPL_” exists in the source/template title/name {{}} and if it does, strip the “TMPL_*” when creating the auto-repeated document.

That would probably be the best way.

I think I’m in the right zone here…

~ apps/frappe/frappe/automation/doctype/auto_repeat/

But if I modify directly then I’m going to have to replace it before/after each time I bench update. :frowning:

           #for any action that needs to take place after the recurring document creation
            #on recurring method of that doctype is triggered
            new_doc.run_method('on_recurring', reference_doc = reference_doc, auto_repeat_doc = auto_repeat_doc)

Hmm so maybe I just need to call on_recurring() to do all my post-auto-repeat document creation steps like:

  • Remove TMPL_* from the title/name of the cloned document
  • Set field created_by_autorepeat = true
  • Adjust any other fields I want i.e. if I want to set a due_date field to 30days from now()

Is this correct?

But where do I call on_recurring? In the server_side scripts for the doctype itself?