Any way to link libreplan to erpnext? or to find a way to import its project management way in erpnext?

Hello guys,
i am an architect who is looking for a good way to handle projects, i like erpnext and have been using it but only the accounting part as project management is some how lake of features, but i found Libreplan that is awesome in project handling but lakes the accounting and the stock management, so what i was suggesting is there a way to link both apps? in some way or to try to import libreplan to be integrated in erpnext easier that starting from scratch in its development as part of erpnext?

any help would be appreciated

I’d say that direct copying of Libreplan code into Frappe/ERPNext is unlikely, as the former is written mainly in Java while the latter is written in Python and JavaScript.
In order to link data between these two applications the missing functionality in either of them still should be implemented.

Which particular features does Frappe/ERPNext lack in your case?

well alot of features are missing, First of all the ability to import project made from microsoft project,

second the scheduling functionality is way more advanced including resources allocation, project simulation, daily follow ups, document management attached to each task, project risk management, critical path implementation, reverse project scheduling
Third Budget functionality
Forth Earned value analysis,
Fifth alot of customized reports for project status

and alot more but there are the main features that are missing erpnext in the direction of project management, i wished i was a programmer, i would have tried to help, but these features are way more advanced to me to code, as my hobby is server administration but not coding,

Hope we plan to make these features available that would make erpnext on hell of an opensource project


does erpnext have the project management features of libreplan and asana.