Anybody able to install ERPNext 15 on Ubuntu/Debian?

I’ve tried following the few available install guides for ERPNext 15 on Ubuntu 22, Ubuntu 23 and Debian 12. I get errors every time I try to install frappe.

Has anybody had luck installing ERPNext 15?

follow this video tutorial. Only thing to change is Version no. i.e. where ever it is version-14 in the video, replace it with version-15-beta. I have tried and installed it on ubuntu server 22.04.3 and it works flawlessly…

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Debian 12 ERPNext 15 installation is working fine.
Only need a quick workaround for pip3 when encountering the E-M error:

Note: There is a bug with Python 3.11 and Debian 12; workaround:
sudo rm /usr/lib/python3.*/EXTERNALLY-MANAGED