Anybody has any success in upgrading ERPNext from version 13 to 14 with version 13 data intact?


I have tried fresh installation of version 14 and then restore backup of version 13 without success. A few errors made the data un-reliable. I then tried an upgrade from version 13.36 to 14. Again a few errors related to table not found etc. The data from version 13 was there but the size of the data restored seems less after upgrading to 14. I encountered a lot of issue within the ERPNext application while accessing some of the doctypes. So can’t trust the data there as well.

If anyone has been successful in either of the above ways to upgrade, I would appreciate you if you share the step by step instructions. The main goal is to upgrade a version 13 production system to version 14 with trustable data.

I’m not sure if the same topic is being discussed else where. I would like to know how to overcome this issue if anybody can share their experience please? I would love to use ERPNext 14 but I need my version 13 data to be carried over as well.

Yes, I have upgraded several instances from v13->v14. Generally it has worked well. There were a few things that were supposed to happen automatically that I needed to do manually, as is fairly typical for ERPNext upgrades (especially shortly after a release).

It’s hard to know what’s going on in your case in the absence of detail. Several modules were shifted over to separate apps, so if you’re seeing missing doctypes there’s a reasonable chance that’s the issue. Most things can be overcome, but it takes a bit of wrestling.

Hey @peterg , Do you have a draft of those steps you followed to upgrade by any chance? In my case this is the sequence I followed to upgrade with a few errors that do not give me the assurance to rely on the integrity of the data after upgrade.
First I installed Ubuntu 22.04 so that I can have the required python, pip etc. version already installed on the OS. Then I installed ERPNext version 13.36 I believe and restore data from my version 13.2 successfully. After the restore was done I followed this doc to upgrade from version 13 to version 14:

After the upgrade I found some errors on the app in different doctypes itself and also some errors related to table missing on the terminal while upgrading.

I don’t, and even if I did it likely wouldn’t help you much. The core steps are the same for everyone (after comprehensive backups, of course):

bench switch-to-branch version-14 frappe erpnext
bench update

In principal, that should be enough. In practice, there is usually a bit more complexity that will be very specific to your server environment, your modules used, and your customizations. If you’re not able to understand the error messages you’re getting, I would humbly suggest that doing this upgrade yourself on important production data is very risky.