Anybody using ERPNext in tile manufacturing company or ceramics items manufacturing company

Need to connect with somebody here.

This brings up an idea that we should have online database of contacts who have implemented/customized ERPNext for different industries.

Something that ERPNext foundation members can take up?

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Yes please join the foundation!

In progress. Will there be a way that non-members can lookup foundation members who have implemented in such industries? Specifically for connecting customers with correct foundation members.

I am not aware of such an initiative, this forum is how to discover that…


I agree with @aakvatech, that such database would be very useful, especially for companies who are thinking about ERPNext, but didn’t make decision yet. I also think that it can help to promote ERPNext to new regions and businesses. I can say from my own experience, that the begining is very very hard, especially if you have some slightly different requirements or even worse you are from country, where are no local consultants… I am afraid that this can deter some companies from deploying ERPNext, if they can’t reach any support in the very beginning.

Yes no question or debate - a reference or registry like that would be a terrific resource - a listing of end users and support providers by business use case and locale. The would be an ideal marketing tool.

Of course to initiate and maintain that takes effort and most all of that is volunteer driven.

Certainly a good start is to support the Foundation. Searches such as ‘conference thoughts’ lead to discussions like these to inform you: