Anyone can help me to define a dialec for automated tests in ERPNext with Salad

Hello, folks!

I started using Salad for make automated tests in ERPNext, you can take a look there ERPNext setup with Salad · GitHub

I created this issue, in another mine project to define a dialect for write the automated tests.

I would like to ask your help with sentences of suggestions to define the actions to be performed.


Hi @max_morais_dmm did you go further with automated testing? We are looking at various options that can automate testing (along with screenshots for test results documentation) to accelerate development/validation. What woudl you recommend?
Thanks for your help.

@kirthi, Salad, Selenium, Behave are good choices too you!, in Behave, do you can configure reports in the format that do you need.

Another alternative is robot-framework