Anyone can solve this question in frappe

create a doctype named “Nestorbird Candidates”. the doctype will have various fields
1- First Name
2- Last Name
3- Full Name
4- Email
5- Phone Number
6- address
7- Photo of candidate
Task 1- THe full name of the cadidate is a read only field. when the user enters the first name or last name. or updates either one of them. In the real time update the full name of the candidate which will be → “”" First name + " " + Last Name “”"
Task 2 - Create a " Single API" which can be used insert the student, update the student, delete the student
Task 3 - Create an API that will search the students based upon the name send in the API and will send the list of all the student that matches the condition
Task 4 - do not forget to apply all the validations, naming series and use the field type according to the field.

You can use server scripts for this.

Here’s a reference to a similar action happening in the employee master doctype:

You generally don’t need to create additional APIs for CRUD actions. Frappe will create them for you on creating the doctype and fields. Refer to the docs:

Check the API docs for the filter option. That should suffice.

in the first deep he need it to run in time so i think javascript will be more helpfull than python Thanks

Yes, a client script works well for task 1 as well.

The only downside is that if there are entries done via API or data import. In these cases, the client script won’t be triggered so as a precaution, server side script was suggested.

does you complete second task

does you complete the second task??