Anyone else having issues with EMAIL?

We are on ERPNext Cloud v11 but are suddenly unable to click Menu>Email. We cannot get anything to popup and console error shows:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘label’ of undefined
at o.get_value (multiselect.js:38)
at o.get_value (class.js:53)
at o.get_values (multiselect.js:61)
at o.get_data (multiselect.js:75)
at o.get_data (class.js:53)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (autocomplete.js:29)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (multiselect.js:5)
at o.get_awesomplete_settings (class.js:53)
at o.setup_awesomplete (autocomplete.js:70)
at o.make_input (autocomplete.js:6)

Anyone else having same issue?

In addition, creating a PDF and sending via Outlook would be an option but PDF’s are completely messed up on formatting. This had to be a change last night as yesterday was fine.


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Yes, as of today’s V11.1.7 Master update … I went back to a snapshot from yesterday as we had to have email to operate …

Wish I could to! We are on ERPNext Cloud. Wish they would test better before leaving us completely dead in the water for the 2nd time in a week. :persevere:

To be honest I’m surprised that it took this number of hours since this problem has come out.

This is EXACTLY why I refuse to put my clients on the ERPNext Cloud. I tried it once and lost the client in 3 weeks time. Their cloud should be using STABLE LTS versions so their users do not suffer like this every week!


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For me, it was just pushed last night (I’m in US) to our tenant on the cloud so that’s why we just experienced it… :frowning:

Also, still not working as of right now despite ticket being opened 8 hours ago and github issue published and posted here. Very disappointed.