Anyone encounter this - "DataError: (1265, u"Data truncated for column 'age' at row 1")"?

Hi, has anyone encounter this error?

"DataError: (1265, u"Data truncated for column 'age' at row 1")"

I encountered this when I am customizing ‘Job Applicant’. In my customization, I have added ‘age’ field. Initially, I set it as ‘Read Only’ field type but I later changed my mind as I wanted to put it as ‘Int’ instead. Since I can’t just change it like that (due to ERPNext system design), I deleted the field, clicked on ‘Update’ button & then added a new field ‘age’ (under the same name) in Int field type.

delete the field_name from db and then save the doc


How to delete the field_name from the db without access to the backend?

Any solution for this error. I have hosted site in