Anyone get the alfresco intergration to work

Hey guy i am wondering if anyone had gotten this intergration (GitHub - arizem/ERPNext2Alfresco: ERPNext2Alfresco Connector)to work? I am having a connection issue but i can access alfresco via cmis workbench

@woakes070048 Have any luck so far?

@ i have not I contacted the Developer and it seam like he is going to take a look at it. Setting not working · Issue #3 · arizem/ERPNext2Alfresco · GitHub I could connect to alfresco using cmis workbench but not the app so I think it had something to do with authentication.

Did you or anybody else got the Alfresco app working with ERPNext 7.* and Alfresco 5.* ?

@Bas_de_Reus I have not when I have to time i plan on rewriting it. It looks like the CMIS lib need to updated.

any Solution for alfresco app and app install steps

The app needs to be updated and we never had a chance to. We have been working with odoo alot these days and don’t have any clients that need the CMS connector for erpnext