Anyone using full traceability during production plan?

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Someone asked me if ERPNExt has full traceability during production run. So I set out to prove
that it does.

Created items with serial n ( product and raw material).

Created simple BOM … prod consists of two items ( work station + operation)
Ensured that “Make serial nr from WO” is ticked in manufacturing settings.
Initiated SO
Created PP linked to SO
From WO … created Ser no for Product
During Stock Entry selected ser no’s for items
Completed JC
Completed WO
Completed Stock Entry
PP completed

Traceability …
SO linkes to WO
And on links section there is link to Serial No’s
But this link only has one serial nr for product : not for items.

To link the serial No’s for the items to the WO, I have to manually enter the WO-nr in the
Serial No for the item.

Surely this should happen automatically?

And this then gives full traceability
From the SO you can pick up the Wo. Then you can pick up all Ser No’s
And from the Serial No’s you can pick up the actual items and who performed the
purchase receipt of that item via Quality check. You can also pick up who completed the JC.
And who did the final QC for product.

This will work great, except the WO entry into the item-ser-no that does not happen

Am I doing something wrong?
If someone can please assist me. I would like to make a video and send to this person to show
that ERPNext has full traceability !!

Or if there is someething that I can do to fix the automatic population of the WO -field in
Ser-No for items. a Simple “Doc link” is not going to work because there may be more than
one of a particular item.

Please can someone assist?

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