Aperently my account dies not exist

Tried to log in at my usual subdomain. I am told that my subdomain does not exist. Needless to say this is worrying. Cannot log in on android app or browser. Got a routine notification on the first of January via email but have not visited the account for a month or so, or got a notification since then.
to find no account when I try to log in. I have emailed Frappe re this but no answer yet, will phone them when they’re open but has anyone stuck this before? Help!

@stuart_durkin Sorry for the issue.

If your account is inactive for 40 days the system mark it as dormant. May be due to this you are not able to access your account.

Please send a email to hello@erpnext.com or support@erpnext.com . Mention your subdomain in the mail. We will check this on priority.

Thank you the issue is resolved