API call for time scheduling and attaching images

I am making API request on postman to erp for this doctype.

In media type there are two options image and video and when we select either an attach button shows up below.

/api/resource/Social Post
In body raw JSON these are the fields

“title”: “test”,

“scheduled_time”: “2022-08-03 23:25:20”,

“facebook”: 1,

“instagram”: 1,

“linkedin”: 0,

“text”: “Kotoamatsukami”,

“page_name”: “Nova travel”,

“caption”: “Kotoamatsukami”,

“acc_name”: “Nova travel”,

“media_type”: “IMAGE”,

“media”: “/files/Shisui.jpg”

Now I am having Some problems.

  1. How to attach a image or video file in the attachment part with API call.