API Credits purchases not reflecting


I just triggered a purchase of 10000 API Credits for GST from my ERPNext instance. I have received SMS from the Bank regarding deduction of the value of the credits. However, I also got an error message from my ERPNext instance that it could not receive a confirmation from the Bank.

I am now stuck in a situation where my API Credits show Zero and a sum of ₹ 5,900 stands debited from the Company bank account. Please point me as to how I can resolve this and start using the API Credits purchased.



We see that the payment status is failed.

Cashfree guide.

You should retry the purchase (if you need the credits now) and be assured that you will receive a refund for the amount deducted.

PS: Such issues can form part of API Support and could be responded to faster on emails.


Retried a lower amount and that transaction failed as well … but the money has been deducted from the Bank.

I tried via Credit Card but I am getting the error that “This payment method not enabled”

The bottom line is that I am unable to pay for credits which will allow me to do GST related validations and other dependent transactions.

Any help is welcome.


You can reach us at api-support@indiacompliance.app for similar queries for faster response.


or use the Email Support option above from the India Compliance Account page.