Api multiple call

Hi all,
I have a server that calls more than one api from another frappe server at once,
the problem that when i call the api’s in parallel, the frappe server site does not work until the calling finish, also it execute the first api then the second and so on, but i want to access all of them at the same time.

How can i improve my work to be more fast? any suggestion PLZ?

Any suggestion PLZ


Hi @MaysaaSafadi

Maybe using RPC your issue get resolved, write your custom method and call all other the methods which you want to execute in one request from here.

Thanks @rohit_w for your replying.
I already using RPC method.
and I call frappe api’s from php server.

Is there specific configurations to execute api’s calling in parallel or frappe bench does not allow that?

Write all the methods here only, so no need to call multiple API parallel.

No such feature available