API returning just 20 records

How to return more then 20 records in the api?
Example : Frappe Cloud
In this case is returning just 20 records.
I want all the records.


See Pagination

Unable to open this page did it move to somewhere else? I need the same solution to return more that 20 records


also same docs online Help ‘REST API’

Take a look at this Introduction .
You need to pass parameter limit_page_length (e.x. limit_page_length=999 where 999 must be an int) . The default is 20.


Dear @coldfire… please help
I created a web form under my custom app and I need to change the limit page from 20 to another big number.
please advise how

You can pass as parameter limit_page_length=999 or whatever number you want.

P.S. Please show the code so I can help with the code.

Set the page size to the number of records you have in the ERP.

listOption.PageSize = Convert.ToInt32(ItemRule[0].Value);

This work for me i pull 11k record at once vi the API.

This will return all the records irrespective of the number


For example