API returning no results in Postman but results in browser

Hi. I’m trying to get the API working via postman however am not receiving any data back. If I navigate to the API in the browser after logging into ERPNext I get results back. See the images below. If I use the same URL in Postman I don’t get any data or errors. I get the same result in Postman whether using the Authorization header with token or Basic, or if I don’t have any authorization header.

hi FernUser,
both cases Login user is same ?

Yes, I’m using the standard user that come preset. I setup ERPNext using the Bitnami setup on AWS. I don’t receive any errors irrespective of the authorization info I enter in the header. It always just returns empty data. If I use a different browser where I’m not logged into ERPNext for the API call I get the same empty response as I do in Postman so the issue must be that I’m not successfully authenticating.[“*”]
Response: {“data”:[]}

Is this endpoint Public since even i fired http request on browser i got below result ?