API URL Permission for Child Doctype

when I fetch data of Material Request then success but I fetch data Material Request Item then, Permission Not Allowed.
How to Give API URL Permission Child doctype

Hi @Gupta_123,

apply like this:

/api/resource/Material Request?fields=["items.item_code","items.item_name","items.qty"]

Then check it.
Thank You!

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Thanks, Its Done.


Last URL Syntax Very Usefull, Please Provide the Syntax for using Multiple doctypes like Material Request, Supplier Quotation, and Purchase Order.

How to fetch data of 3 doctypes in the Same URL?

Hi @Gupta_123,

You cannot directly fetch data from multiple doctypes in a single API call. Each API call is specific to a single doctype.

To fetch data from multiple doctypes, you will need to make separate API calls for each doctype. There is no way to combine them into a single API link.

Thank You!