App creation in V12

How to Display the newly created app in the ERPNext V12 desk.

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Couple of questions:

  1. Did you install the app on site where ERPNext is running?
  2. Did you give permissions on DocTypes of newly created app?

Getting more context would also help

Yes, I installed and also created new DocType.
DocType also working good, I can’t able to display the app in desk.

This happened with me aswell, what you need to do is make sure in Permissions ensure you give right permission. E.g. If you’re logged in as Administrator, you need to give permission to “Administrator” role aswell. Then you need to logout, refresh and it should show it.

I have the similar issue. I have my customized app installed on the same site as ERPNext. And, I created the doctype and give permission to “System Manager” and “Administrator”. My question is:

  1. Which module should my customized app show on the desk? Or it should show on the desk as a new module with customized module name, such as if my customized application is “Library Management”.
  2. On the desk, there is also the “Domains”, which domain should my customized application belong to? If I want to add my app to existing domains, how to do it?


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