App erpnext already installed

Hullo, I am new to erpnext and linux in general and i was curious about ERPs so I wanted to try this one, when installing the hrms app, I get this “App erpnext already installed”

Screenshot from 2024-04-03 09-39-33

Can someone help? Still cannot install it in erpnext version v14.65.0 (version-14)

“App erpnext already installed” is normal.

all default app will installing erpnext first, if it is installed then the message will showing

Try to get-app hrms once again first

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What apps does bench version show are available?

What apps does bench --site [your_site} list-apps show that are installed in your site?

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I tried installing hrms in a VM installation of ERPNext fpr practice and it installed without issues. I installed erpnext first and then after some time, decided to try out the hrms app and it installed just fine, thought i would apply it in my main server but did not work there. That is the message that I get, same process with the VM but still cannot install.


these 3 are what shows… Do you think you could help?

@smino @oscarutomo , Thank you for your help guys, I was able to find the apps.txt file, been looking for it for quite a while, I still need some more experience using linux, I was able to add hrms to the list and it installed perfectly, again, thank you so much for your contribution! =)

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