App for excise related customization

Here is customization for managing Excise chapters, calculating excise and charging it in Sales Invoice.
This customization is organization specific. Interested people can change the source as per their requirement.

It calculates the excise before any taxes are calculated, injects this calculation as an actual charge in taxes and charges. All the taxes are applied after this charge.

source : GitHub - mntechnique/kiratplastics_erpnext


Thanks for sharing the excise app! I am sure it will help many other users.

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I have installed the app but not able to find any options . Can you help me in using the app

This app might become obsolete after 01-Apr-2017 since excise would cease to exist but still we could use help from the existing code for GST. Thanks for sharing @revant_one

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I know I am reviving this old topic but I have a specific question.

I unwittingly did my own sub-app for my electronic invoice application to calculate excise taxes, and so far managed to get it working up to 90%.

Our app gathers the Item specified excise tax per stock qty of uom and its desired purchase or sales tax tally account. It also specifies if it is included in purchase price or not! It loads all of it in with the items when creating a sales or purchase invoice. It calculates properly the excise tax, and I am able to sum it properly to a custom field.
My problem comes when adding it to sales taxes and charges table. I can inject approriately the rows, set the account, and the tax amount. The problem I have is this:

The excise tax amount is included in price, and if you set Tax included in price with an “Actual” type of tax, then a validation error pops up

Error Actual type tax cannot be included in Item rate in row x

If you try to select any other tax type category, you cannot specify an amount as already included, even if you try to force a “new type” manually, like so:

Row #2: Type cannot be “Actual with Excise Tax”. It should be one of “”, “Actual”, “On Net Total”, “On Previous Row Amount”, “On Previous Row Total”

So far my ideas are:

  1. Force the tax sum to tally separately, not showing in the taxes and charges table (not really what i want)
  2. Find alternative way to make sure table and entire sales or purchase invoice calculates properly. ??
  3. Program from a fork in develop branch and send a PR, regarding this issue, only to add the new charge type. GitHub issue