App Restriction in Multi-tenancy

In a multi-tenancy setup, how do you restrict sites from seeing and installing certain custom apps?

Install Bench Manager makes it available for installation to all sites. Same with any other custom app. Is there a way to restrict certain apps from being accessed by other sites?

If you’re using DNS based multitenancy then your code based will be same for all the site.

Yes! it’s also possible to install only selected in DNS based multitenancy.
For DNS based multitenancy you can pass the --install-app parameters for install the selected apps(While creating new-site).

While creating new-site pass the required parameters for your customisation.

Usage: bench  new-site [OPTIONS] SITE

  Create a new site

  --db-name TEXT                Database name
  --mariadb-root-username TEXT  Root username for MariaDB
  --mariadb-root-password TEXT  Root password for MariaDB
  --admin-password TEXT         Administrator password for new site
  --verbose                     Verbose
  --force                       Force restore if site/database already exists
  --source_sql TEXT             Initiate database with a SQL file
  --install-app TEXT            Install app after installation
  --help                        Show this message and exit.

If It’s instance based multitenancy then you can install the different custom app with different code base.

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