App structure problem

as im with frappe so im following the tutorial for creating a library managing system but i have a problem with the structure of my app as after creating the doc type ( article , library member , etc) i did not found the folder doctype at my app root , si i cant keep going with the tutorial to start write codes , can anyone help me ( im using ubuntu 16.04)

Did you create a new app when you started, or did you build the doctypes in ERPNext, Frappe or some other app?

If you look at the app root, you will see all the applications that are installed. The path to the specific doctype is:

apps / your_application_name / your_application_name / your_module_name / doctype / your_doctype_name

If you can see your app folders but can’t see a “doctype” folder after creating a new doctype then you probably don’t have developer mode turned on.

Follow this guide to turn developer mode on. Also, make sure your doctype does not have the “custom” box checked.