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Hell everyone. I am new to ERPnext. We are wondering if any has reconfigurer the ERPnext mobile app to add video chat? is this even possible? if so can someone refer me to them or the post? Or has any use another app with ERPnext that can video chat? What we looking to do with the app is the normal, let customer create and acct. create or lookup work orders, receive and pay invoices and chat, video chat, send and receive files, links and photo’s. The video chat is one of the main function, we offer virtual home repair assistance. All suggestion are welcome on how the can be achieved or a good work around

Hello @cbutler,
I think you are looking at it upside down. What you need I guess is a video-based app which also needs integration with some ERPNext features.

Using the ERPNext app for the same will be foolish as you will have the baggage of features that you don’t need in the app or those will need to be removed from there.

The best approach will be to build an app referring to the ERPNext app. Feel free to contact me in DM if you need any further support.

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I’m not sure of all the feature in the ERPnext app. Along the the ability to video chat, I would still need the customers to access the customer port the create work order, check past invoices and pay invoices. I also need field tech to login to view work orders and communicate with customers. Would it just be easier to add the video feature to the ERPnext app. I am new to mobile apps so I’m asking for help with this.

The kind of integration you’re looking for is not completely clear to me, but for ease of integration into a customer-facing portal you might look at something like jitsi:

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A quick way to figure this out will be by following the process below:

  1. Create a list of features your app will and create the list of features that ERPNext App has.
  2. Map your features to what is provided in the ERPNext app and see how much overlap is there, how many unwanted features are there in it etc…
  3. Based on steps to decide what makes sense. If there are too many features to be removed or developed then starting afresh may be the best approach.

Another key point to note is that the ERPNext app is not more actively maintained or supported last time checked.